Guiding Children Successfully (online) 12hrs

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Dr. Wally Goddard, a Cooperative Extension Service family life specialist in Arkansas, hosts this series for parents, caregivers, educators, home-schoolers, and child care professionals. Topics range from how to motivate children to how teachers and parents can work together. Goddard’s real-world examples are easy to relate to and make even the most difficult problems with children seem manageable.

  1. Effective Motivation
  2. Love and Good Sense
  3. Parents and Teachers Working Together
  4. Teaching Children Responsibility
  5. Helping Children Use Their Gifts
  6. Raising Children to be Good People
  7. Managing Anger and Stress
  8. Are Children Angels, Devils, or Clay? Working with Human Nature
  9. Languages of Love: More Than Saying ‘I Love You’
  10. Choosing Quality Child Care
  11. Enjoying Life with Children
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3 – Supporting children’s social and emotional development

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