Mental Health during Covid-19


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Course Overview

This course is a comprehensive look at mental health issues among teens and young adults today, updated with resources for the coronavirus pandemic. What are the signs of emotional distress in students and what can teachers do to help? How can teachers support student mental health when interacting at a distance and on re-entry to school, whatever that looks like?

Sources of pandemic stress include fear of sickness as well as feelings of isolation, boredom, uncertainty, and loss and grief. Topics in this course include depression and anxiety, trauma and toxic stress, and mental health interventions.

Listening and fostering connections and a sense of safety are skills that can be used to help all students, both in-person and online. These are the building blocks for providing emotional support to students and building their resilience. Building awareness of mental health issues will help school staff identify students who need individual interventions.

Young people today were already dealing with stressors unique to their generation. This course can be used to improve understanding and foster compassion for youth who are struggling with mental health challenges now and in the challenging times ahead.

The following mental health professionals appear in this course:

· Kevin Chapman, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

· Miraim Silman, MSW, Project AWARE/Trauma Informed Care Program Administrator

· Ginny Sprang, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center on Trauma and Children, University of Kentucky

· Damien Sweeney, Ed.D., Program Coordinator for Comprehensive School Counseling

· Judi Vanderharr, Ph.D., Division of Student Success, Kentucky Department of Education